Non-Destructive Testing Level 1 & 2 Training

Welding Inspector Training

Painting Inspector Training

Welder And Fitter Training

Engineering Training

Welder Safety & Oxy-Fuel Cutting Training


Our comprehensive training programs offer a range of courses designed to elevate the capabilities of your team.

Non-Destructive Testing Level 1 & 2

Providing foundational and advanced training in non-destructive testing methods such as ultrasonic testing (UT), radiographic testing (RT), magnet- ic particle testing (MT), liquid penetrate testing (PT), and visual testing (VT)

Welding Inspector

Preparing participants for certification as welding inspectors through comprehensive training in welding processes, codes, standards, inspection techniques, and quality assurance practices.

Painting Inspector

Equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to conduct quality assessments of coating applications, including surface preparation, coating selection, application techniques, and inspection methods.

Welder And Fitter

Offering training programs for welders and fitters to develop their technical skills, proficiency in welding processes, fabrication techniques, blueprint reading, and safety practices.


Providing specialized training for engineers in areas such as materials science, welding engineering, structural analysis, quality management, and project management.

Welder Safety & Oxy-Fuel Cutting Training

We provide welders with in-depth information related to welding and oxy-fuel cutting safety practices. Our training not only covers safety aspects but also extends to include the technical information that competent welders should know. Our experts are capable of tailoring our training sessions according to the client’s needs, ensuring the effectiveness of our courses and their suitability for each industry requirements.