At Seacorr, Eddy-Current Testing (ECT) is a valuable non-destructive testing (NDT) method used in
amusement parks to assess the integrity of various components. It’s used for Detection of Surface and
sub-surface defects, Inspection of Conductive Materials, Fast and Efficient Inspection, Coil Array Configurations, Sorting and Material Characterization, and Evaluating Component Thickness.Eddy current is a thorough in-depth form of NDT that alleviates the requirement of time-consuming paint removal as ECT detects Indications/Imperfections through paint and surface applications.
By incorporating Eddy-Current Testing into inspection protocols, amusement park operators can efficiently identify and address potential issues before they escalate.
This proactive approach enhances the overall safety and reliability of amusement park structures, ensuring a secure experience for visitors. Regular ECT inspections contribute to the longevity and performanceof amusement park, rides and attractions.

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